In this recipe, the main thing – the sauce. It is very easy, and the taste is largely dependent on the type of cheese that is used for it. The common name of the sauce – Blue cheese (“Blue cheese”), but often referred to sauces as well as cheese, to which it is prepared: Roquefort, Dorblu, Azur. This recipe uses a very delicate taste cheese “Regina blu”, but you can use any other.

Wrapped in beef and baked in the oven, they will become a great and original appetizer or second course.

Almost all nutritionists recommend eating oatmeal for breakfast, because it ochenpolezna and dietichna, but many consider it tasteless and fresh, and because you can cook it in a way that simply Yum.

What I will say, it turned out delicious and very easy to prepare the cake, everything I love, an excellent result at the lowest cost, in both time and products

For the avid fisherman, catch carp is easy. Most fish can easily be baked in the oven. In this recipe, carp baked with mushrooms. It turns doubly amazing to taste the dish

Try to cook burgers fidgets in the form of bug, I think it will attract their attention, and they’ll eat them with gusto.

Do not have to cook, boil, magic, to control. Just need: yogurt, cheesecloth and salt. It will turn out tender, delicious, juicy and soft cheese, which can be spread on bread, used as stuffing for meat and vegetable rolls, add salad, broth, in pizza, is simply with tomato, cucumber spread on …. or just without anything 🙂 So – where you zavedet your imagination 🙂

Stuffed eggplant Stuffed eggplant – hearty and tasty snack that looks very impressive on the table. Conveniently, the filling can be very varied, stuffed eggplant cook to your taste! Cuisine: European Serves: 6 Cook time:  60 mins Total time:  1 hour Ingredients Eggplant 6 pcs. Cottage cheese 250g Chicken 1 pc. Greens 1 Puig. Garlic 1 goal. […]

Babe holidays – to have fun, and ate with interest.

Simple, clear and slightly brutal – the liver in cream sauce with mashed potatoes.

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