Smoked pork lifts the flavors of this rich chicken soup. A dollop sour cream on top is extra good.

Mild glaze flavored with garlic, ginger and lemongrass. Good to chicken and fish.

Lovely minced chicken or minced pork buns buns, if you prefer, with the exotic flavor of lime and chilli. A quick-cooked dish with Asian flavors.

Make the world’s best tasting crumble cake with rhubarb, raspberries and white chocolate filling and with lovely coconut in crumble.

Simple skewers with super good accessory! Skewers and taco chips are good to dip in the spicy salsa yogurt.

Potato gratin in all its glory. Try our potato pâté!

Wonderfully tasty and generous chicken. It is quick to make, so you can enjoy the midweek or instant party right.

With flavored cream cheese, turn quickly filling up for lunch sandwich.

Chocolate boxes with black currants and caramel cream Chocolate and currant is a good combination. With smooth whipped cream mixed with dulce de leche, this will be the summer’s favorite snack Cuisine: European Serves: 6 Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  30 mins Ingredients 175 g Arla Swedish Butter 4 eggs 5 cups granulated sugar 4 cups […]

The tenderloin will be extra juicy and tasty with yogurt and lemon marinade. Fresh and tasty with potato salad with green beans and sliced ​​lemons.

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