Cold tomato soup with the sting of tabasco tickle the taste buds.

Lovely lunch right which is also good cold. Good as it is, at the buffet table, or together with a piece of meat.

Beetroot color red quinoa and gives balance to the salty cheese. The salad is good for chicken, lamb and halloumi.

Bread made of finished pizza dough and filled with spinach and cheddar cheese – fast and satisfying. The filled bread is equally suited excursion on the buffet.

Different tacos with tuna instead of ground beef, narrow and satisfying.

Pork, a delicacy here fried sliced ​​and embedded in a sauce that get good roundness of balsamic vinegar and oregano.

Pasta salad is equally good grilled fish to chicken and meat. Fast, good and easy.

Iced tomato soup with tasty touch and toasted coconut flakes click in the soup before serving. Edamame, soybeans, add extra protein and more bite to the soup.

A fantastic beef stew with hearty and good taste of orange and cloves. Garnish happy stew when serving with toasted almonds and chopped parsley.

Roast pork with delicious flavors of chilli, lime, sesame seeds and cashew nuts.

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