Pork, a delicacy here fried sliced ​​and embedded in a sauce that get good roundness of balsamic vinegar and oregano.

Roast pork with delicious flavors of chilli, lime, sesame seeds and cashew nuts.

Simple skewers with super good accessory! Skewers and taco chips are good to dip in the spicy salsa yogurt.

The tenderloin will be extra juicy and tasty with yogurt and lemon marinade. Fresh and tasty with potato salad with green beans and sliced ​​lemons.

Try to cook burgers fidgets in the form of bug, I think it will attract their attention, and they’ll eat them with gusto.

It’s so delicious that even incomprehensible. And why, in fact, delicious? And indeed, why not? Products using the most common. Which piece of meat to choose, decide, of course, you. But in our family like pork neck. Moreover, her husband and son are selected pieces “with fat,” I … I do not know that I love … I eat what goes …. Recipe with certain reservations can be attributed to the Chinese kitchen – all ready to forgive and fast. However, see the recipe and make it: cook a delicious meal is very simple!

Tasty and very fragrant soup with bacon served in such original form will love everyone and win the hearts of all of your friends and relatives.

This soup is made on the basis of rich broth of smoked bacon, named because of its impenetrable density in honor of the London fogs, which were so frequent in the late nineteenth century

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