Ready Grilled chicken Mexican spiced tacopaj is super good and easy to do. Tacopaj is a new favorite on our dinner table.

Kycklinfilé wrapped in bacon flavored with rosemary and aromatic herb butter. Bacon-wrapped chicken is ideal both as commonplace and bjudmat.

Warm Tuscan soup is creamy and good. Perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Smoked pork lifts the flavors of this rich chicken soup. A dollop sour cream on top is extra good.

Wonderfully tasty and generous chicken. It is quick to make, so you can enjoy the midweek or instant party right.

Very simple casserole that everyone loves

In this recipe, the main thing – the sauce. It is very easy, and the taste is largely dependent on the type of cheese that is used for it. The common name of the sauce – Blue cheese (“Blue cheese”), but often referred to sauces as well as cheese, to which it is prepared: Roquefort, Dorblu, Azur. This recipe uses a very delicate taste cheese “Regina blu”, but you can use any other.

Simple, clear and slightly brutal – the liver in cream sauce with mashed potatoes.

Zucchini – is not only delicious but also very useful vegetable. In May, more often on supermarket shelves we can see this storehouse of minerals for our body. Step by step recipe for zucchini stuffed with chicken and vegetables will help you prepare an original and delicious meals for the whole family. Cooking meals Takes hostess from 40 to 60 minutes. Squash for it is better to choose large or medium-sized. Then put more delicious toppings.

Chkmeruli – it is a very tasty dish of Georgian cuisine, which is made ​​from chicken. Chicken roasted under the milk-garlic sauce just melts in your mouth. Delicious have pita bread (or white bread), dipping in the delicious sauce and biting browned chicken. Chkmeruli can eat in hot and cold. The hot chick he reminds tobacco and cold reminds Satsivi

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