Bread made of finished pizza dough and filled with spinach and cheddar cheese – fast and satisfying. The filled bread is equally suited excursion on the buffet.

With flavored cream cheese, turn quickly filling up for lunch sandwich.

Fresh summery salad that goes with grilled or buffet right

The soup is very delicate, with cheese flavored with ham and croutons diversify your menu will appeal to adults and children.

Do not have to cook, boil, magic, to control. Just need: yogurt, cheesecloth and salt. It will turn out tender, delicious, juicy and soft cheese, which can be spread on bread, used as stuffing for meat and vegetable rolls, add salad, broth, in pizza, is simply with tomato, cucumber spread on …. or just without anything 🙂 So – where you zavedet your imagination 🙂

It is my libimy pie and finally reached him turn to upgrade … tasty, tender, fragrant! With a glass of wine each – incredible fun !!

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