Cold tomato soup with the sting of tabasco tickle the taste buds.

Warm Tuscan soup is creamy and good. Perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Iced tomato soup with tasty touch and toasted coconut flakes click in the soup before serving. Edamame, soybeans, add extra protein and more bite to the soup.

Smoked pork lifts the flavors of this rich chicken soup. A dollop sour cream on top is extra good.

The soup is very delicate, with cheese flavored with ham and croutons diversify your menu will appeal to adults and children.

Carrot soup with white beans (Lean)

Tasty and very fragrant soup with bacon served in such original form will love everyone and win the hearts of all of your friends and relatives.

This soup is made on the basis of rich broth of smoked bacon, named because of its impenetrable density in honor of the London fogs, which were so frequent in the late nineteenth century

Dense, fragrant, spicy, tangy – wonderful soup as not cool. I love this and I recommend you to love ….

Summer soup in haste with vegetables, tomato sauce and rice. This dish is suitable for vegetarians.

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