Lovely sticky chocolate cake baked in ramekins. Serve the sweet mini mess cookies with passion fruit. What a party!

Crumble with homemade, raw touched custard is wonderfully good. Pie is easy to do and makes a perfect dessert for a good meal.

Fruit salad with oranges, preferably both blonde and blood oranges. Serve with cream cheese that you flavor at its head, or pre-quark vanilla.

Pie with a fresh and creamy taste of citrus and apricot. Whipped cream flavored with cocoa fits very good to!

Make the world’s best tasting crumble cake with rhubarb, raspberries and white chocolate filling and with lovely coconut in crumble.

Chocolate boxes with black currants and caramel cream Chocolate and currant is a good combination. With smooth whipped cream mixed with dulce de leche, this will be the summer’s favorite snack Cuisine: European Serves: 6 Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  30 mins Ingredients 175 g Arla Swedish Butter 4 eggs 5 cups granulated sugar 4 cups […]

Delicate sour cream layer complement flavorful slices of coffee.
Try it and you really coffee lovers will love

What I will say, it turned out delicious and very easy to prepare the cake, everything I love, an excellent result at the lowest cost, in both time and products

In hot weather, sometimes also want something sweet. And if fatty calorie desserts you are not attracted to, come to the aid yoghurt ice-cream cake with berries. To taste it is very similar to all the favorite ice cream, but can perfectly replace any delicacy for solemn occasion. Recipe dessert of yogurt with fruit can vary infinitely.

Yes, the oven in this heat it’s not the most pleasant experience, but fans of baking so I overweening! All the more so in the refrigerator waiting for their turn to fresh, flavorful cherry. So I baked this gorgeous cherry pie, cherry and very delicious!

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