Lovely lunch right which is also good cold. Good as it is, at the buffet table, or together with a piece of meat.

Ready Grilled chicken Mexican spiced tacopaj is super good and easy to do. Tacopaj is a new favorite on our dinner table.

Kycklinfilé wrapped in bacon flavored with rosemary and aromatic herb butter. Bacon-wrapped chicken is ideal both as commonplace and bjudmat.

Beetroot color red quinoa and gives balance to the salty cheese. The salad is good for chicken, lamb and halloumi.

Bread made of finished pizza dough and filled with spinach and cheddar cheese – fast and satisfying. The filled bread is equally suited excursion on the buffet.

Different tacos with tuna instead of ground beef, narrow and satisfying.

Salmon seasoned with saffron and rosemary becomes wonderfully good. A luxury salmon that is equally suitable for everyday and special occasions.

Fruit salad with oranges, preferably both blonde and blood oranges. Serve with cream cheese that you flavor at its head, or pre-quark vanilla.

Mild glaze flavored with garlic, ginger and lemongrass. Good to chicken and fish.

Potato gratin in all its glory. Try our potato pâté!

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